FewKidsOnTheBlock stands for a strong network of Amsterdam brightest minds. Together they are responsible for events, nightmarketing, artist programming, web and print design; all facets of creative entrepreneurship.

FewKidsOnTheBlock has her roots in Amsterdam and consist of a tight group of regulars and an evergrowing selection of creatives from all over the world. Even-though we are an Amsterdam based company we are regularly to be found in other cities in the Netherlands and Europe.

Our core business exists of 3 main pillars;

Even before the foundation, the creative parents of FKOTB, were already involved in event-organisation. With the birth of the new company the collective experience could be mixed together to form a strong and solid base for future events. FKOTB works in close co-operation with Engineerz Of Soul, LABEL and Arcadiƫ.

A selfmade term that ties two important words together. It basically states that we are experienced in influencing the marketing aspects of nightlife. We take pride in creating marketingstrategies for events, venues or other brands to place and promote them into the existing market.

Online and offline promotion
In co-operation with 'On It' and 'JOREMI.NL' we execute the above strategies into action. This consists of online promotion; website & interaction design, social network promotion, online placement, spreading of printed promo material, offline brand awareness and everything connected. To combine the strategy and execution in one company is a huge advantage, because of the close co-operation and short decision tree between the two pillars.

FewKidsOnTheBlock's collective brain is always available for new projects. As are our collective hands & feet. To pick our collective brain and for other questions, you are welcome to contact us through our contact page.

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