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Wicked weekend on Wednesday; our weekly recommendations for the best, craziest, hottest and most awesome parties. Guaranteed to bring you and your friends a kick-ass weekend!

Thu. 02.08 - All Eyes On: Questlove at BIRD, Rotterdam

Questlove is the heartbeat of the most influential hip-hop band of our time: The Roots. But there's a big chance you might also know the man from his productions for artists such as D'Angelo, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu and many more. And with a vinyl collection of more than 50.000 records you can say Questlove knows how to entertain the audience. Even if you're not living in Rotterdam, you can not miss out on this one!

Get your tickets here: bird-rotterdam.nl

Fri. 03.08 - United Groove w/ Rich Medina at Club Up, Amsterdam

Another one to look forward to! On Friday August 3rd, the infamous DJ Rich Medina (Philadelphia, USA) will team up with Mr. Mendel to bring the heat to the dance floor, taking you from soul to hip-hop, afro-beat to brazil, disco to house, leaving you no choice but rocking your socks off... We checked out Rich Medina once in Berlin and he sure knows how to get the party started. Must-go!

Sat. 04.08 - Westerunie 5 jaar! at Westerunie, Amsterdam

Already 5 years since the Westerunie opened her doors to us, the public. Westerunie has blossomed to a fresh and surprisingly forward venue. To celebrate these 5 years, Westerunie has been shopping around in her resident pool and came up with a solid plan. Click, Apenkooi and Nachtspelen wil host 3 areas that will guarantee something for everyone…

Sun. 05.08 - Shabazz Palaces at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

Behind the hip hop collective Shabazz Palaces lurks none other than Palaceer Lazara a.k.a. Ishmael Butler from the 90's hiphop group Digable Planets. Last year they released their impressive debut album 'Black Up' on the (guitar oriented label) Sub Pop and was seen as one of the best hiphop (for as far as you can call it hiphop) albums of 2011.



Posted on: 25 November 2012 by Emilio Rivera | Music

At age 6 he started taking piano lessons and at age 15 he played with his own trio at the 2006 Tokyo Jazz Festival. Born on October 25 1990, Austin Peralta was a highly skilled jazz musician. Unfortunately, he passed away on Novem...


Posted on: 23 November 2012 by Skylarr Beek | Music

Prince’s new videoclip just came out, and it’s funky all right. Jamming in a vintage styled video with Andy Allo on his side. The single is called: 'Rock and Roll Love Affair' and is released under his own...


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This season is all about smoking hot leather! Leather has never been out of the picture, but now it's going to be in your face more than ever. You gotta love this because leather is one of the most sexy materials. The catwalks were all a...

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