Posted on: 5 July 2012 by FKOTB | Music / Nightlife

'This aint nothing but a summerjam' and with a bit of luck it really is…

BLOCKPARTY already presents her 25th night and it's a special night as well. From July on, BLOCKPARTY will occur every other month. Why? To welcome CLAP into the FKOTB family as the other bi-monthly night. So still a party every month! This night however we still party like it's 2010 and pretend there's nothing changed! Lars Vegas & Loopalike will get your head spinning with the newest house & disco.

So you better hydrate gurl...

BLOCKPARTY is a montly night with alternative dance music and was one of the first nights to embrace the nu-disco/indie-dance genre. Don't know what to expect? Full house, bassfaces, sitdowns, incredible visuals by Aintsane and frenchkissing on the toilets. Check the pics from last BLOCKPARTY and we'll be welcoming you to the BLOCKPARTY family for sure…

Lars Vegas' BLOCKPARTY - Summerjam mixtape

BLOCKPARTY - Alternative Dance Music

Location: Club Up, Amsterdam

Date: Friday July 6th

Time: 23:00 - 04:00

Line-up: Loopalike, Lars Vegas

Visuals: Aintsane

Fee: €9,-



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