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Wicked weekend on Wednesday; our weekly recommendations for the best, craziest, hottest and most awesome parties. Guaranteed to bring you and your friends a kick-ass weekend!

Wed. 27.06 - Cause festival at Melkweg, Amsterdam

Is surprises us that due to disappointing ticket sales they had to move this mini hiphop festival from the Heineken Music Hall to De Melkweg. We don't mind, since De Melkweg has a way better vibe for these kind of events. And when will you get another chance to check out big artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Kraantje Pappie, Reverse & Adje and MC Melodee on a regular Wednesday night?

Thu. 28.06 - Cody Chesnutt at BIRD, Rotterdam

Ever took the time to check out who the original singer behind The Root's The Seed is? No? Oh wow, you should definitely go and check out The Headphone Masterpiece (2002). Expect an awesome mix of soul, blues, funk and rock. Get your tickets here

Thu. 28.06 - Midnight City at Club Up, Amsterdam

Alright, so everybody's into Hot Creations and things like Maceo Plex. All swelland pleasant, but Midnight City digs deeper into the bowls of house and came up with a concept that has it's roots in the cities were house-music, as we know it, came from; Detroit, Chicago and New York. Despite the US heritage, producers are creating a whole new breed of house that's infused with the European mindset. Midnight City is all about the latter, old-school house with a modern flip side. Our buddies of Detroit Swindle are the main guests but don't forget Vinceonzo de Bull, Jerotone and host Robby Bergmann. Jack-jack-jack-yobody!

Fri. 29.06 - No Rio at Club Up, Amsterdam

This weekend it pays of to slip into a alcohol induced coma on a random toilet in Club Up somewhere because on fridays you'll have to be there, if we have anything to say about it... No Rio is a new night that brings you new disco, new wave, new techno, new house & new new. Not only do they bring new, they also bring awesome by inviting one of Hollands newest talents: Maxi Mill. This guy has been co-producing some of Trago's tracks and will soon come out from under The Voyage Direct wings for sure...

Sat. 30.06 - Backstage at Chicago Social Club, Amsterdam

We'll stay in the house-scene this time with presenting another amazing Backstage night. For those who have missed the last one, this weeks night will probably touch a little of that FCL magic. Again our homeboys Detroit Swindle will drop their signature deep sexy house-set together with fellow "ex-Hollands-next-topmodels-rejects" Homework and pretty boy swag: Tom Ruijg. No doubt this will be THE night for every house enthusiast to get their shot of the good stuff...

Sun 01.07 - Pull The Trigger at Club Up, Amsterdam

Club Up is getting their Sunday night back to life. The people behind it asked a nice mix of DJs to play their favorite grime, hiphop, dubstep & rock tunes. This sounds like a night that fits Aiscream like a glove. Besides miss thing they asked Snelle Jelle, Cream and more... Sounds like a good way to close down the weekend!



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