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Wicked weekend on Wednesday; our weekly recommendations for the best, craziest, hottest and most awesome parties. Guaranteed to bring you and your friends a kick-ass weekend!

Thu. 24.05 - Vunzige Deuntjes invites Riff Raff at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

So, the Dirt McGirt of our fine city has returned. Vunzige Deuntjes has been bringing that cheesy ear-filth for a couple months now and with "great succes" (Borat accent). This Thursday they've invited some more superhero corndogs to step it up a notch. Lee Millah, Jim Aasgier, Gio Graphic, Know VA and Team Chachi will be doing the butterfly and grinding their butts against one another. A sight to see we reckon... So, do you like reggae, UK, dub, hiphop, reggaeton and some DJ on DJ action? Et voila, we give you VD... (pun intended)

Fri. 25.05 - SUB at Club NL, Amsterdam

So, what to say about this night? Actually a lot. But we'll keep it short. SUB started out as a little Thursday night out for a group of befriended house enthusiasts but has been evolving to a full blown Friday night at Club NL. Add the amazing (for such a small club) soundsystem, 50-100 always smiling partypeople and 3 DJs that take pleasure in playing the newest and oldest tunes in the history of house and you have yourself one hell of a Saturday hangover. This Friday our friends of Detroit Swindle will be playing the night together with the ever full bearded Reuben Alexander... Your house is my house!

Sat. 26.05 - Green Room at Studio/K, Amsterdam

Green Room is moving on from an unforgettable Queensnight edition. The time is approaching for the sixth edition of Green Room back at the mighty Studio/K. This time they invite Distal, Subp Yao, Kristof and Cursed P.

Sun. 27.05 - Wicked Jazz Sounds 10 years at Melkweg/Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

Wicked Jazz Sound has been rocking Amsterdam for one whole decade this weekend (now who can say that? Right, hardly anyone!). Join them in two venues and three areas for a dance, flirt, drink and a lot of good music.



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